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eCommerce for the Natural Products Industry

eCommerce has become an integral component for achieving business success in today’s technology-based society. In the last two decades, electronic commerce has become synonymous with efficient: business communication strategies, online practices, facilitating electronic transactions and streamlining web store processes. The technology not only improves existing business management processes, it enables companies to efficiently sell items online through a web store. eCommerce web stores are so prevalent in today’s technological and Internet savvy society, that many companies cannot remain competitive without selling their products online. Unfortunately, some businesses have implemented ineffective e-commerce software. Companies operating their web stores with inefficient e-commerce software find it difficult to remain ahead of their competition.

The most common problem business owners experience with ineffective eCommerce software is the lack of integration capabilities. The lack of web store integration with accounting and inventory/manufacturing systems creates duplication of effort when processing orders. Utilizing an e-business system, that lacks a streamlined flow of data among accounting and inventory/manufacturing software programs, wastes valuable company time and resources. In contrast, Comgine offers accounting, CRM, inventory and eCommerce as a unified and streamilined efficient web order processing software solution. Not only does Comgine eCommerce automate web order processing, it also is used as a complete business management software platform.  Comgine eCommerce includes capabilities for:

  • Instant, Real-Time Data and Inventory Control
  • Warehouse Management
  • Lot Control / FIFO / LIFO
  • Product Shipping
  • Internet Marketing
  • Automatic Reorders and Variable Continuity
  • Upselling
  • Buyers Remorse Prevention
  • Retail Fulfillment
  • Logistics
  • Expanding Geographical Reach
  • Expanding Online Customer Base
  • Increasing Online Visibility
  • Providing Customers with valuable information about your products and services
  • Building Customer Loyalty
  • Reduction of Marketing and Advertising Costs
  • Collection and Maintenance of Customer Data


eCommerce is particularly growing in popularity within the Medical, Pharmaceutical and Natural/Organic Products (Nutraceutical) Industries. The percentage of consumers performing internet research concerning medical conditions and products has increased significantly. In turn, the medical and nutraceutical industries have begun utilizing websites with eCommerce capabilities to circulate information, educate the general public about health related subjects and also sell products. Pharmaceutical and Natural Products companies alike are achieving significant gains and exposure using the World Wide Web. Industry leaders utilize the presence of their e-commerce websites on the Internet to expand their geographical markets.

Through the use of Internet marketing techniques, their educational health related information is dispersed to a large audience and their products are sold, globally, via the Internet. The Internet allows users timely and thorough access to medical or natural/organic products information. When users find a company that offers valuable healthcare information and quality products on the website, it encourages brand loyalty. Offering quality updates on the latest biotech, nutraceutical, medical device, or health sciences information via company website, in addition to selling healthcare (anti-aging, supplements, cosmeceutical, pain relief, vitamins, minerals, skin care, weight loss) products through an integrated e-commerce system, is proving to be a powerful revenue generating combination. Through the use of websites with integrated eCommerce systems, leading pharmaceutical and natural products companies are providing more comprehensive services and variety of products to consumers, on a global scale.

eCommerce, integrated with accounting, CRM and inventory tracking/manufacturing systems, can greatly increase the sales of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products. Key underlying business processes such as: high value drug innovation, clinical development and trial, project and people management, marketing and sales are enhanced through the use of integrated software. The synchronization of business management software with integrated eCommerce and corporate Internet marketing strategies has created tremendous value for these industries.

Comgine’s service provides our clients with the ability to have a virtual storefront that communicates all transaction data seamlessly through accounting, CRM and inventory/manufacturing software. For companies with a maximum of five named Users, that want to save money on the infrastructure costs, we also offer hosting of the integrated accounting, eCommerce, CRM and manufacturing solution. By offering this complete eCommerce system as a hosted solution, the need for our clients to maintain a sophisticated and costly infrastructure is eliminated.

Natural Products Enterprises Easily Manage Growth With Comgine eCommerce

With the rapid growth of the Natural Products (nutraceutical) industry, and explosion of internet-driven sales, obtaining and maintaining a competitive ecommerce web store edge is imperative for the survival of individual companies. As your company expands existing product lines, explores new avenues for revenue growth, increases staff, becomes a player in the global marketplace, and/or attains greater market share, you’ll require cutting-edge software to effectively manage your business in real-time.

Comgine Reduces eCommerce Costs for the Natural Products Industry

The costs for implementing an ineffective e-commerce system can be staggering. Due to the amount of time it takes to process one order into an eCommerce system, which lacks a pre-integrated suite of accounting, customer relationship management and inventory management applications, the total calculation for a single transaction is staggering. For the natural products companies not utilizing integrated, streamlined and unified software for automating business processes, it can cost an enterprise $50.00 to process just one web store order.

Companies currently using Comgine’s integrated eCommerce, accounting, customer relationship management (CRM) and inventory management system reduce transaction costs, streamline the online ordering processes and generate additional profits from their web store sales. The reason is that pertinent information is processed all the way through the accounting, customer relationship management and inventory management software, without any duplication of data entry.

Why Natural Products Business Need Accounting, Inventory and CRM Integrated With Comgine eCommerce

For natural products (nutraceutical) companies that sell vitamins, supplements, health-related supplies, organic items, natural products, and more, considering the implementation of an integrated e-business system on a corporate strategic level, is imperative. An integrated system is efficient because: the order comes in from the website; the system fulfills the order from stock and orders replacement inventory from vendor; a payable is created; the picking/packing ticket is created; the product is shipped; the web payment is applied to order/ invoice; and, paid invoice and tracking information is automatically emailed to the customer. Accordingly, a unified and streamlined e-commerce system saves time and permits easy maintenance of accurate, up-to-the-minute product, customer and vendor/supplier data. Further, Natural/organic products companies that incorporate Internet sales strategies and business process automation into their operations on multiple levels are our most successful clients.

How Natural Products Companies Out-perform the Competition

Many natural products enterprise leaders understand that the entire process for generating new business has changed. Now, lead generation campaigns have evolved to focus on Internet-based marketing and sales initiatives. No longer do your sales and marketing representatives have to spend an inordinate amount of time performing lead generation campaigns “the old fashioned way” when the Internet can be used to drive qualified traffic to your website. In this day and age, savvy business leaders understand that the way to achieve and maintain Internet sales success is by utilizing a fully-integrated accounting, eCommerce, inventory management and CRM (customer relationship) system equipped with a built-in platform for social networking and infrastructure for search engine optimization. Strong leaders recognize that when all pertinent data in one place, and numerous time-consuming business processes have been automated, maintaining accurate up-to-the-minute product, customer and vendor / supplier data is no longer difficult. Making business tasks simple and processes for generating revenue easy, is critical for the survival of a natural products company within the competitive nutraceutical industry. With Comgine eCommerce, natural products businesses can be transformed into highly efficient and profitable entities.

In addition, having the ability to instantly access and track customer, vendor and item data, is vital. Instant access to your core business data enables natural products companies to effectively maintain their database, minimize errors and eliminate the potential for data corruption. Yet, if an e-commerce system is implemented without integration to accounting, CRM and inventory management software, and does not offer you a built-in weblog, platform for social media networking and infrastructure for search engine optimization, your company will not have an edge on the competition and business growth could be jeopardized.

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