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Five CRM Strategies for Post-Recovery Growth

A recent press release entitled, “Gartner Highlights Five CRM Strategies That Cost Little to Nothing, but Will Generate Positive Results” described how companies using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategies during the recession will fair much better than those not utilizing a software system for customer management. According to Gartner Inc., “Companies that fail to invest in CRM strategies because of the tough economic climate will delay perceived benefits by at least 12 months once the economy recovers, giving rivals an advantage in the market.” Regarding the companies who focus on investments that promote customer retention and enhance the customer experience, Scott Nelson, Gartner’s managing vice president stated, “CRM is a journey, not just a one-time and done strategy. If the right strategies are employed now, then companies will get a ‘sling shot’ effect going into the eventual recovery, putting them well ahead of the rivals who chose to wait and who equate CRM success with spending more money on technology.”

Please see: Five CRM Strategies for Positive Results

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