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Know and Nurture Your Primary Customer

“With great challenge comes great opportunity and as a small business there are many advantages to surviving and succeeding during recession. Small businesses are agile and able to move and respond to the times much quicker and more efficiently than larger businesses… The question is where to focus first and what to do as a business owner. First of all, and this certainly holds true during any economy, before looking into how to position and rebrand your business and offerings, ensure you have a solid understanding of your primary customer. This does not mean stop at the surface by understanding general trends such as geographic reach and general household income, but take the time and effort to understand what your customers face during this time, how they are affected and how their habits may have shifted and changed. With this insight, you can reach out to your customer in a much more meaningful way and gain increased awareness of how you can position your business to stay relevant.”  This relatively brief article offers a number of very practical suggestions regarding how to frame and present your product(s)/service(s) message for maximum customer/client impact.

Please see: Positioning Your Brand – BizJournals Article

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