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The New Knowledge Management Tactics

Many small businesses have less than ten employees.  For a small business to run efficiently, each employee usually “wears many hats” and multi-tasks without even thinking about the juggling acts they perform on a daily basis…  In this Internet age of information sharing, how do you keep up with all of the news online that may be relevant to your business?  Do you have atleast one employee responsible for the gathering and sharing of information regarding news and events that may impact your business?  If you’d like to remain competitive within your industry, managing important news and events may be something to consider.

Does your enterprise have sufficient activity, staff, revenues and/or growth rate to justify adopting knowledge management disciplines?  It would be prudent to analyze the types of information that should be studied, who should study it, what should be gleaned from each type of information and which individuals should receive reports about that information.  If your analysis suggests that it is now the time for information management to become part of your business plan, this article treats the many benefits of knowledge management discipline and contains valuable suggestions regarding the creation of an effective knowledge management system for small businesses:

Small Business Knowledge Management

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