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About Us

About Comgine e-Commerce


How Comgine e-Commerce Began

Since its inception in the early 1980’s, a local IT/MIS company specialized in using their expertise in information technology to develop methods to help their clients businesses run more efficiently. The president of the e-commerce enterprise came to our business regarding a software solution that could address some organizational and e-business issues within one of their subsidiaries. To resolve their e-business issues, we provided them with a seamlessly integrated accounting, e-commerce and inventory online retail store software solution. Our efforts in creating a seamlessly integrated accounting, e-commerce and inventory management software system for the IT/MIS company spawned a new concept in the management of e-business and web stores.

When this e-commerce company first came to us for assistance, they had been earning optimal online revenues. Even so, their president foresaw potential complications. At the time, there was a possibility that the projected growth could exceed the company’s web order management capabilities. If the sales rate were to continue to grow exponentially, they would have to implement a powerful program to manage its numerous online transactions. So, the IT/MIS webstore entity searched for an organization that could provide a reasonably priced and efficient means for order processing that was also capable of handling enormous transaction volumes. At first, the webstore owner was frustrated with the programs other consultants and resellers had to offer, as their suggestions frequently involved the purchase of million-dollar software packages. In contrast, we believed that our company could develop a highly efficient e-commerce software engine within a reasonable budget. Further, we knew that our developers could create an e-commerce software system that would not only accomplish exactly what the client needed, it would also exceed all expectations.

The Success of Comgine e-Commerce is due to the Seamless Automation of Web Orders/Online Sales Transactions all the way Through Accounting and Inventory

The result was Comgine: an e-commerce software program-search engine optimization all-in-one that was completely integrated with an acclaimed, high-powered accounting and inventory ERP software system. Now, when an order is placed on their website, the online transaction is tracked through an automated order processing system as the item is prepared and shipped; in the meantime, Comgine works with the integrated accounting and inventory management system to simultaneously prepare the appropriate invoices, forms, and log entries. This process virtually eliminates the need for a staff to manage the web store because the Comgine e-business system has the capability of managing itself, thereby reducing labor and overhead costs while increasing profit.

Within 10 days of implementing the new system, management at the webstore’s parent company was able to drastically reduce their temporary staff costs during the holiday season by 75%. The results of the process, the flexibility of the accounting solution, and the level of service that was provided by our corporation to theirs pleased the client tremendously. The client stated, “The staff has been extremely committed to our entire process. Some of the high-end software developers who proposed multi-million-dollar solutions said that our vision couldn’t be achieved, and yet this particular company was so tenacious, they overcame every obstacle to make the integration of e-commerce, accounting and inventory management a reality. Of course, without the tremendous flexibility of the accounting and inventory system to enable all these unique modifications, we wouldn’t be celebrating the success of this solution. Now, many in the industry consider Comgine to be the best e-commerce system in the country. Needless to say, I’m a true believer in my webstore’s new management system and integrated accounting, inventory and e-commerce software.”

Since the successful implementation of the Comgine for this online retailer, our integrated e-commerce, accounting and inventory management software applications have enabled them to achieve greater profits. Comgine has helped this e-commerce enterprise dramatically lower their operating costs and inspire customer loyalty. Implementing a suite of fully integrated e-commerce, accounting and inventory applications for e-business management is the way of the future. Comgine provides the means for companies to obtain a piece of the multi-billion dollar online shopping pie, without experiencing the pain commonly associated with non-integrated web order processing systems.

Comgine e-Commerce is a Completely Unified Business Management System Which Offers Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Weblog (Website and Blog), Social Media Platform, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Infrastructure and More!

The Comgine e-commerce system not only integrates seamlessly with Sage Pro ERP accounting and manufacturing software, it also works beautifully with SAP Software’s unified accounting, inventory management and CRM (customer relationship management) ERP application for small and midsized businesses, SAP Business One. In addition, Comgine e-commerce websites now include a weblog (website and blog), platform for social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) networking and infrastructure for SEO (search engine optimization). 

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