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Comgine eCommerce Frequently Asked Questions


Below are a few questions about Comgine ecommerce software that customers frequently ask. If you need information about Comgine that is not provided here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do I need to have a full-time staff to manage my web store and the order process once I have implemented Comgine?

No. This is one of the best features about Comgine ecommerce software. It manages the entire order process from the moment that the customer makes his or her selection to the moment that the purchase is shipped. Comgine automatically records all orders, payment information, and the appropriate transaction information in the company’s accounting system, thereby eliminating the need for staff to manage your web store.

What kind of software/system requirements do I need to have on my computer to utilize Comgine effectively?

Comgine ecommerce software is used in conjunction with accounting and inventory management programs so that small businesses can operate with one unified data system. When these applications are utilized together, Comgine effectively manages all ecommerce transactions on your web store. The integrated e-commerce, accounting and inventory program can be completely hosted or installed inhouse on your server(s).

Can Comgine work with any type of existing accounting software that my company is using?

At this time, all editions of Comgine ecommerce were designed to integrate with accounting and inventory modules; however, we are developing new editions of Comgine to work with other popular programs, such as CRM (customer relationship management) and E-Learning applications. For more information regarding this subject, please contact us.

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