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eCommerce Optimization

eCommerce Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Ecommerce Websites

If you have an ecommerce website, by design this type of site typically requires more pictures than content (copy/text). Although these sites have more images than text, there are optimization techniques we can help you employ to achieve higher search engine ranking.

If you have an ecommerce website with thousands of items in need of better optimization for the search engines, we recommend that you start your campaign by focusing on your best selling items first. Many often use the manufacturer’s descriptions for each item as opposed to writing their own content. This can have detrimental effects on your search engine ranking, if the manufacturer’s description does not include relevant keyword search terms. Learn more about the importance of keyword research when creating relevant, keyword-rich product and category names, titles and descriptions:

Keyword Research

Our SEO Staff Can Create Descriptions for the Products You Sell Within Your eCommerce Store

Descriptions (which include keywords) of your products can be strategically placed under each graphic within each web page. Adding product descriptions under each image within the pages will help the search engines find these items. A sentence describing each item can boost your rankings and help you achieve good keyword saturation.

Our SEO Staff Will Assist You in Dividing eCommerce Web Store Item Description Content Into Sections

Instead of having 400 words of content (which is the minimum that Google recommends you have per page) in one place, your content can be divided into small sections. For example, you can consider placing a headline and three sentences at the top of the page, some more action-oriented words under your bottom navigation bar, and possibly create a short descriptive paragraph above your “Order Now” link. This will help to organize the content, make it easier for the search engines to find the words regardless of where they’re located within the page, and will make it more visually appealing to the online shoppers visiting your website (the visitors won’t be overwhelmed by seeing a lot of text all in one place).


– Loading your content with popular keywords

– Stuffing the text with keywords that are not relevant to the items you sell

– Repeating the product name too many times

You may want to consider using It’s a great resource for locating synonyms.

Our SEO Staff Can Update the ALT Tags to Describe the Images and Videos of Items Within Your eCommerce Site

A great technique for attracting the search engine bots to find keywords describing your items is the use of the ALT tag. Surprisingly, this is something within ecommerce websites that is often ignored. ALT tags (technically known as image alt attributes) are designed to provide brief descriptions of the graphics within your page. They are read to those who have impaired vision (when they use special text-to-speech software).

Contrary to the under-utilization of ALT tags, there are some who abuse them. When ALT tags are loaded full of irrelevant keywords or extremely long descriptions, the search engines lower the website’s ranking. To avoid this, we recommend creating short keyword phrases that describe each graphic and video within your ecommerce website.

Our SEO Programmers Will Take Advantage of Using the Attribute Fields Within Your Product Catalogue

You can populate the attribute fields for each item with relevant keywords, include both short and long descriptors and landing page URLs. If your catalogs are completed in this manner, you can boost the search engine rankings for your ecommerce site.

Placement of Content (Text/Copy) Within Each Item’s Page

You’ve probably heard that many Users do not like to have to scroll vertically when they arrive at a desired page within a website. Yet, if you do not place content “below the fold” you are not taking advantage of valuable search engine optimization real estate. Consider using the space “below the fold” when placing keyword optimized content into your ecommerce website.

Our SEO Staff Will Show You How to Place Content Within Empty Space of Left or Right Navigation Side Bars of Your eStore

Many websites have navigation links, grouped together within a column on either side of each webpage. Often, within the left or right navigation, the space beneath the links is not utilized for search engine optimization. We recommend that our clients use the empty space for short bits of keyword optimized text. Even the statement “Order (insert the name of your product) Now” will give you one more opportunity for keyword usage.

Our SEO Staff Will Help You Create Bulleted Lists for Additional Opportunities to Optimize eCommerce Content

Here is an example of how you can use bulleted lists when adding more content to the pages of your ecommerce website:

At (insert name of your company), we offer you:

– The lowest price on (insert the name of your item)

– Exceptional service. Ask us any questions you have about (insert the name of your item)

– Free shipping of your (insert the name of your item)

Our SEO Programmers Will Redirect Legacy URLs Within Your e-Business Website for You

Sometimes e-business sites undergo a change of platform or may move items to different locations within the pages of the website. When such things occur, the site manager often neglects to update the external links. You can’t manage all the external links to your site perfectly, so the best thing is to be prepared for when some other site generates a broken link to your site. Also, when the internal links are not redirected (from old URL to new URL), it can have negative effects on the ranking of your website.

Our SEO Programmers Can Create a Customized and Merchandized 404 Error Pages

Instead of having your customers see a boring “Error Page” why not have some of your top selling items on it, make the page look like an integral part of your site, possibly include a search box, have links to product categories and even a funny comment about the glitch? Just an idea we like to share.

Our SEO Programmers Will Submit Your eCommerce Web Store’s Sitemap to Google

Did you know that there are TWO types of sitemaps? The first type is a sitemap that helps visitors find what they’re looking for by outlining how site content is arranged and organized. The other form, usually with a capital “S” and in XML format, is a “blueprint” or “roadmap” of your site that is used to show search engines, exactly how your site is constructed. Both kinds of sitemaps are extremely important for your search engine ranking and the XML format should be submitted to Google. By submitting this kind of sitemap to Google, the bots can crawl the key pages are in your site, and understand what the structure is. With the submission of your site’s roadmap, the search engine bots will crawl your site more effectively. You can also tell Google how often your pages change, so the robots know how often to come back. This ensures Google always has updated information on the information contained within the pages of your ecommerce website.

Our SEO Programmers Can Fix All Broken Links Within Your E-Business Website

Checking your site frequently for broken links, and fixing them promptly, is just good website management.

Our SEO Marketers Will Provide Special Care to Your Landing Pages

If you have online advertising campaigns that lead people to specific “Special Offer” pages within your website, it is a good idea to keep them up-to-date. This is very important for the e-businesses which sell seasonal products or run specials that expire on a specific date.

With the search engine optimization platform built-into Comgine websites you can achieve higher rakings, attract highly targeted traffic, and increase conversion rates. The functionality within Comgine’s ecommerce and SEO platform can help perform many of the above tasks efficiently, so you can focus on running your business. For more ecommerce website search engine optimization information, please call us today.

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