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eCommerce Technical Services

eCommerce Technical Services


Need a Quick Turnaround to Have Your Comgine eCommerce Site Set up and Running?   

Our select eCommerce implementation partner, Cornerstone Consulting, offers a wide range of eCommerce technical services which can streamline the configuration process. If you’re faced with a tight deadline or would appreciate some guidance from software experts, the qualified professionals at Cornerstone Consulting that will help you get the job done. The highly-skilled staff of Cornerstone will have your store set up quickly, efficiently and effectively by qualified technical experts.  

Your e-Store Can Do More with Comgine eCommerce

Comgine eCommerce software works with a variety of plugins and add-ons so you can get more from your online store. Your Comgine eCommerce can become your entire business management platform. With Comgine’s amazing capabilities, you could have:  

  • Accounting
  • eCommerce
  • Inventory Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehouse Management
  • Bar codes
  • Scanning
  • Radio frequency identification (RFID)
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Point of sale (POS), electronic data interchange (EDI)
  • Weblog (website and blog)
  • Built-in platform for social Media Networking and search engine optimization (SEO)

And more as one completely integrated, unified and streamlined business management solution. The programming staff of Cornerstone Consulting can provide you with all of the technical assistance you require. They can install, set-up, and modify the software to not only meet your needs but also exceed your expectations.  

Comgine eCommerce Credit Card Processing

Comgine eCommerce Accepts Real-time Credit Card Payments Online  

Our software is seamlessly integrated with popular ecommerce payment gateways and merchant account providers so you can quickly and easily sell your products online.  

Comgine eCommerce Merchant Account Services

Our valued Comgine eCommerce reseller and implementation specialists, Cornerstone Consulting, can install and set up your merchant account so that credit card transactions can be processed through your ecommerce website.  

eCommerce Credit Card Merchant Accounts

Credit card merchant accounts enable you to accept credit cards over the Internet. Did you know over 85% of all Internet transactions are paid for using online credit card payments? Please see below for information regarding your ecommerce payment process with merchant account services.

eCommerce Merchant Account Provider (Accepts Credit Cards)
There are numerous Merchant account and credit card service companies on the Internet. In Industry terms, these companies are called merchant account providers or Independent Sales Organizations. Make sure you research these companies before you pay for their ecommerce certified merchant services. 

If you already have a merchant account, Comgine eCommerce can be integrated using one of these payment gateways: Authorize.Net, CyberSource, Internet Secure, LinkPoint, Paradata, PayJunction, PayPal Payflow Pro (formerly VeriSign), and Skipjack.  

If you do not have a merchant account set up, we’d like to help you get started.  

To obtain the merchant account for your ecommerce website, please visit:  


Alternative eCommerce Payment Methods
Comgine eCommerce is also compatible with Google Checkout and Paypal.


Selecting a Bank Credit Card Processing & Clearinghouse for eCommerce Website

Processing credit card transactions usually occurs at a clearinghouse. When your shopping cart within your online Comgine eCommerce store receives the credit card during the payment process, the Transaction Processing Clearinghouse is the organization that authorizes and validates the card (making sure the number matches the card and that sufficient funds are available).  

Credit Card Validation Account for Your Comgine eCommerce Online Store 

Our valued reseller, Cornerstone Consulting, can install and set up your credit card validation account so that payment transactions are efficiently validated through your eCommerce website.  


Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate for Your eCommerce Online Store  

Secure Your Comgine eCommerce Online Store. Internet shoppers now demand only the highest level of security. To ensure their privacy and credit card data are protected when they shop on your ecommerce website, you’ll need to secure your transactions with a digital SSL Certificate from an industry-leading provider.  

SSL is used to create a secure connection between the browser, and the server. Comgine’s shopping cart and ecommerce system is compatible with all SSL certificates.  

Our valued reseller can install and set up your SSL certificate so that customer information and payment transactions made through your e-commerce website are secure.  

Ongoing Domain Name and SSL Renewal Expenses for Your eCommerce Store
Our valued reseller and implementation specialists, Cornerstone Consulting, will alert you to recurring annual fees for domain renewal and SSL Certificates. 


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