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Website Tracking & Analytics

Website Tracking and Analytics


Chartbeat Alerts

The ability to respond immediately is the difference between controlling a story and reacting to it — and 24 hours is too long to wait. The web doesn’t wait – neither should you. Chatbeat Analytics is real-time monitoring of your online presence.


Traffic Alerts

Receive alerts by email or SMS to know immediately if a specific page on your site is spiking, or there’s a drop in visitor traffic.


Uptime Reports

Chartbeat can check your site every minute and alert you immediately via email or text message if any part of your site goes down.

Server and Page Load Times Reports and Alerts

Track your server load times and user-facing page load times. Get alerts sent to your email or SMS if they suddenly start to slow down. It’s a great way to ensure any new features you add to your website like videos or other heavier media isn’t slowing down your user experience.


Real-time Dashboard

Chartbeat’s real-time dashboard helps you understand what’s happening on your site as it happens


Instant Traffic Counts

See how many new and returning users are on your site right now.


Traffic Sources

Chartbeat shows referring sites, as well as their geographic locations, in real time.


Twitter Search Term Tracking

Measure and compare your impact on Twitter versus your competition

Replay Site Events

Chartbeat allows you to replay periods of interest to understand traffic spikes, dips and uptime issues in their wider context.


Understand Site Engagement

Are people actively engaged with your site? Are they contributing? Are you getting lots of visitors who are just idle on your page? Chartbeat can show you.


Reading, Writing, and Idling

Chartbeat breaks down end user activity to show those actively reading, writing or just idle. Track more than just how many people are on your page — track their activities too.

Density of Activity

Chartbeat’s Page Density feature intuitively shows which pages get the most traffic. Scroll over each page and see a scrolling heatmap and the segmented activity for that page, to immediately understand the pages people are hitting, what they are doing, and which part of the pages are most interesting.



Traffic updates and alerts while you’re away from your desktop.

iPhone App

Essential analytics for all your sites delivered to your iPhone. See real-time user counts, top pages, uptime, recent alerts, and push notification for your alerts.

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