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Website Content Management

Website Content Management


Maintaining your website through effective content management is vital for sustaining ecommerce success. Customers appreciate if attention is paid to a change of an item′s price, making valuable product line descriptions information current, updating contact information, and more. If such attention to website detail is maintained and managed well, it will convey professionalism to the savvy online consumers. Proper content management will help your business avoid an image of obsolescence while simultaneously assist in optimization efforts for search engines.

Competent management of content is one of the most essential elements of web design, yet it is frequently overlooked. For example, all items on a company′s web site must be kept up-to-date. It is vital to properly maintain popular areas of a website for which a customer frequently will search. This includes updating websites whenever there are changes of an item′s price, product lines, and contact information. This attention to detail serves to portray professionalism and will prevent an out-of-date image of your company. Content management is necessary to maintain your website and remain competitive within the search engine rankings. Such efforts will help your web site successfully compete within the fast-paced markets.

During these economically challenging times, small businesses and mid-sized companies must be aware of the type of organizational presence that customers like to see within websites. Companies that have a good understanding of content management are able to use this knowledge for publishing the information that they would like to make easily accessible to customers. Keeping access to valuable information simple and well organized pleases customers and motivates them to browse a particular website for a longer period of time. The longer a customer browses your company and/or ecommerce website, the chances of making a sale increase. Offering your viewers valuable information about the products and services you offer is a good business strategy in terms of potential profit and for the development and maintenance of a professional image. However, there are more relevant areas of website organization that companies must be sure not to overlook, one being website content management.

One of the most critical aspects of website maintenance is competent management of content. To some savvy web users, nothing is more aggravating than visiting a website that contains outdated and irrelevant information. Companies need to make a conscious effort to keep all items within their website current. 

Website content management and optimization are frequently overlooked aspects of web design; however, these components make a valuable contribution to the continued success of company websites and web stores.  Websites that are properly managed have the ability to stimulate business, yet small and medium-sized businesses frequently do not have a sufficient number of employees to manage their websites effectively.  For those reasons, Comgine’s premier reseller and implementation specialists, Cornerstone Consulting, offers website content management writing and optimization services. Please see the Website Design, Management and Areas of Proficiency Cornerstone Consulting Provides:

Project Management of Website Teams

  • Designing and Managing the Creation of Your Website 
  • Communicating the Phases of the Website Project with You and Your Staff
  • Professional Development of a Quality Website
  • Integration of Your Website with Accounting System
  • Programming Your Website to Process Orders for Your Company’s Products and Services
  • Search Engine Optimization for Peak Return List Rankings
  • Providing Easy-to-Use Website Management Tools for Your Staff
  • Ability to Write Search Engine Attention-grabbing Articles, Press Releases, and Web Pages
  • Training Your Staff to Utilize Efficient Techniques for Managing Your Site
  • Website Optimization and Marketing Fees

Cornerstone’s Web savvy team of Internet Specialists is dependable and enthusiastic, and we complete website work efficiently.  They are also capable of working either independently, or through collaboration with your teams of copywriters, webmasters, HTML designers and web developers.

Cornerstone’s Internet Specialists can create compelling web-based copy for your B2B websites and B2C web stores. The team will diligently apply outstanding technical writing skills, knowledge and experience in electronic commerce and marketing to develop effective web-based copy for your company’s site.  They can also proofread and edit your website’s existing pages. They can work with you to develop and write new web page concepts.  Further, they can also create your online marketing and advertising material.

Cornerstone’s Web-based Copywriting, E-commerce Marketing, Advertising, and Communications skills include:

  • Writing descriptive and informative copy for the Web
  • Expressing the benefits of your products and services to affect revenue generation
  • Creating marketing strategies that separate your products and services from the competition
  • Invigorating existing website pages by adding fresh content
  • Writing compelling headlines and text for various online components (like search engine ads, email, web site, online advertising units)
  • Writing content that is action-oriented and focused on the products and consumer’s needs
  • Generating clear, compelling copy taking into account the specifics of the target audience
  • Proofreading and editing – Research topics for copy for relevancy on the web
  • Preparing copy that is free of errors in fact, style and presentation
  • Adapting quickly and effectively to changing requirements
  • Working under tight deadlines
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