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Content Management

Content Management


In Web marketing, one of the most important things you can do for attaining higher “organic search” rankings within the search engines’ return lists is to consistently manage your website’s content. If you add fresh, engaging (keyword optimized) content to your website on a frequent basis, your site will attract the attention of the search engines. Content management is not only key to search engine attention, it also encourages visitors to interact with your site. When relevant information about your company, products and/or services is available to the Internet viewing public, this helps convey your value to the consumer. When those shopping on the Internet perceive your company as having value, it can help convert the viewers from leads into paying customers.

Comgine eCommerce Makes it Easy to Manage Your Website’s Content

Comgine eCommerce’s Web-based Content Management System (CMS) is built into each website we provide to clients. It is a User-friendly interface which allows you to easily add, edit and delete any content within a website, at your convenience. By design, you’ll have access to update your website content quickly and easily from any computer with an Internet connection. It’s so simple and easy to use that many corporate leaders feel comfortable giving the administrative responsibility to those within their companies that are less technologically inclined.

Comgine eCommerce’s Content Management Saves You Time


  • You’ll no longer have to wait for a web programmer to do simple website content updates
    within your website
  • You’ll be able to quickly add: content, images, videos, and more to the pages of your website and they will be instantly visible online


Comgine eCommerce’s Content Management Saves You Money

  • You can have Administrative staff members maintain the content within the pages of your website, and no longer pay for web programmers to perform this work
  • Marketing employees can implement web marketing campaigns and add web marketing materials to your website without requiring special technical knowledge of HTML or any other programming code


Comgine eCommerce’s Content Management Helps You Grow Your Business 

  • Providing you with the web tools necessary for staying ahead of your competition and getting
    the attention of the search engines
  • Using the Internet to your advantage, appealing to site visitors and converting them into paying customers
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