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Accounting: Sage Pro ERP

Sage Pro ERP is an award-winning accounting and manufacturing solution with full source code availability for ultimate flexibility and growth.

With Sage Pro ERP you can create a system fully tailored to the work you do. Choose the business management applications you want from a comprehensive, integrated suite of accounting and manufacturing modules. In addition, Sage Pro offers seamless integration to end-to-end business management applications, including customer relationship management (CRM), human resources (HR) management, business analytics, and vertical solutions.

Ready to Use, Easy to Adapt

Sage Pro is an award-winning accounting and manufacturing solution designed to meet the changing needs of your company, delivering the combined benefits of advanced productivity tools, modifiable source code, and state-of-the-art accounting and manufacturing capabilities.

Available in two editions, both with powerful built-in features that help you maximize efficiency and profitability, Sage Pro grows along with your business and technical requirements. Sage Pro 200 ERP comes with full source code availability and can be uniquely modified to optimize your business processes. Sage Pro 100 ERP is ideal for the smaller company that may need the option of upgrading to Sage Pro 200 over time. Each edition provides advanced customization tools and easy access to critical, real-time business information so you can automate your workflow, drill down to any level of data you need, generate advanced reports, and more.

Unlimited Customization

With Sage Pro Customization Manager, it’s easy to create unique screens to fit your business needs and each user’s individual preferences. Customization Manager and a host of other user-defined options in Sage Pro allow you to tailor the look and feel of your system. And when you need full access to source code to modify your system to meet your exclusive business needs, look to Sage Pro 200.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing

Sage Pro features a full suite of integrated manufacturing modules to suit your needs. Choose the manufacturing modules that you require from Production Entry, Work Orders, or Shop Control. Then integrate with the accounting and operational modules such as Inventory Control, Order Entry, Purchase Orders, Customer Connect, and Bills of Lading to manage your specific manufacturing and distribution processes smoothly.

Maximum Productivity

Sage Pro provides real flexibility with toolbars that are customizable by user and available throughout the system. Now your employees can have instant access to the transaction and maintenance screens they use most—for increased efficiency and productivity.

Real-Time Business Information

Keep real-time, critical business information at your fingertips. Using the new Executive Dashboard, you can focus on the high-value activities that can really make a difference in your business. You and your executives can check the pulse of your company in seconds. And with instant access to business intelligence, easily identify issues and work to prevent problems before they happen.

Stay up to the minute with the Business Status Report (BSR), which includes cash balances, forecasts, and inventory values. Funnel data from your Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Order Entry, and Purchase Orders modules into one handy, at-a-glance view. From there, you can print, or drill down into details with ease.

Automated Work Flow and Document Routing

You can now leverage new workflow and routing capabilities in the Order Entry and Purchase Orders modules to eliminate the drudgery and monotony of tedious manual approvals and constant paper searches.

The built-in routing offers unprecedented flexibility. Define how much control you want for each process and easily change settings with setup flexibility. Determine approval levels and limits, map your processes and routes, and configure routing to match the way you operate your business.

Additionally, Sage Pro offers the ProAlert module, which is specifically designed to notify you of key information. It acts as a “business robot,” automatically searching for critical events that are defined by you, then taking appropriate action in response. You’ll find that managing your documents and workflow has never been faster or more efficient.

Powerful Drill-Down Capabilities

The Sage Pro DataDriller delivers sophisticated multilevel drill-down functionality. For custom reporting or individualized access to document detail, you can display data in any order and customize it for any user. You assign the permissions and security codes, so you’re in control. Plus, once these data views are defined, you can create unlimited custom reports using the DataDriller Report Wizard.

Access to detailed business information has never been easier. Drilldown capabilities in Sage Pro give you access to the details of your business. Drilldowns in Sage Pro make it possible for you to see the details behind your business transaction. So while you are entering a sales order, you can look up the customer’s ship-to address that you have on file. From a customer’s invoice easily look up the order and shipping details. Plus, the customization tools for drilldown provide visual access as you configure vital information for maximum ease of use. For maximum customization, you can also tie custom drilldowns to reports, giving you access to the information that is important to you.

Advanced Messaging

The Sage Pro Message Master module lets you generate faxes or e-mail from any Sage Pro report, including graphical forms. You can send forms or reports concurrently to a virtually unlimited number of recipients at any time of day. Customize settings by user and keep a log of all documents transmitted. Imagine sending all your invoices in seconds!

Project Accounting and Job Cost

Sage Pro provides the choice of two powerful project and job cost modules. Project Accounting provides a fast, flexible budgeting and cost accounting tool for project and job cost management. It lets you test, analyze, and adjust budgets before final decisions are made. The program provides detailed reports of all job-related costs so you can monitor a job’s progress and budget for future projects.

The Sage Pro Job Cost module is a fast, flexible accounting tool for project and job cost management. Use Job Cost to evaluate your operations and improve efficiency in everyday work activities. With Job Cost, you can monitor labor, material, and indirect costs associated with a job or project to ensure profitability. This module’s versatility meets the needs of diverse job-oriented businesses, including made-to-order manufacturing, engineering, architectural, construction, and service/repair companies.

Total Protection

Sage Pro provides sophisticated user- and company-based security. A comprehensive list of user settings lets you specify how and when users access the system. Furthermore, access to specific fields can be controlled and modified for each user. Sage Pro also delivers time-tested accounting functionality that ensures high-level audit control. With Sage Pro, you can configure system and workstation settings, define user security levels, and control user access to data and program files by function, time of day, and date range. Additionally, you have the option to encrypt user passwords and names for added security. These are just a few of the security features you’ll find in the award-winning Sage Pro application.

National Accounts Functionality

Sage Pro makes it simple to manage receivables for customers with multiple branches or independent departments. You get all the features and functionality you need for national accounts management, including easy branch setup, advanced filtering, complete drilldown reporting, and much more.

Intercompany Transactions

With capabilities like automatic balancing, easy invoicing, multi-company distributions, complete audit trails, detailed reconciliation reporting, and multicurrency support, Sage Pro is well equipped to handle your most sophisticated intercompany transactions.

Robust Capabilities

Sage Pro manufacturing modules ensure that operations such as kitting, component allocation, production orders, routing, plan orders, tracking, and fixed capacity scheduling are managed with power and speed.

Flexible Bills of Materials

Bills of Materials can be defined using a number of options. Each bill has its own settings, enabling you to get complete control of your manufacturing or distribution operations.

Work Orders

The Work Orders module enables component allocation, routing, and Material Requirement Planning (MRP). Automatically generate production orders from sales order requirements, inventory shortages, or inventory forecasts. Define work centers and operation steps to create flexible labor routes and generate purchase orders from MRP shortages and bills of materials components marked for

external processing.

Component Release to Work-in-Process

Production cycle times can vary by manufacturing process. Sage Pro allows you to allocate components to work orders and then release those components from raw material inventory accounts to work-in-process accounts. Accurate component inventory levels can easily be maintained.

WIP Tracking and Shop Control

The Work in Process (WIP) tracking in Shop Control provides production updates by pulling routing information from open work orders and presenting finished quantities as they progress through operations and work centers. WIP tracking saves each step and allows production managers to review performance at any time.

Easy-to-Use MRP and MRPII

Manufacturers needing MRP or Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRPII) enjoy continued ease of use in the Sage Pro environment. You’ll get fast access to component allocation, production orders, routing, plan orders, WIP tracking, and fixed capacity scheduling whenever the information is required.

Master Production Schedules

Manufacturing companies can easily create master production schedules to determine order precedence along with date and time by operation. Sage Pro interactive scheduling capabilities help production teams fine-tune their inventory planning and production schedules. Plan order scheduling makes it easier than ever before to do important what-if analysis needed in today’s manufacturing environments.

Sage Pro 200 ERP

Sage Pro 200 ERP is a powerful business management solution built on industry-leading technology. Scalable, customizable, and modifiable, Sage Pro 200 helps your business operate more efficiently and profitably.

Easily change source code, forms, and reports and create unique screens for users with Sage Pro 200. Designed to support unlimited users, Sage Pro 200 features award-winning architecture, complete source code availability, user-customizable toolbars, add-on solutions, control over security, and a full suite of financial management and operational modules from which to choose.

Sage Pro 100 ERP

Built on the same award-winning architecture as Sage Pro 200, Sage Pro 100 ERP is specifically designed for the small but growing company that requires a complete suite of accounting and operations modules. As an entry-level solution, Sage Pro 100 delivers real power and scalability at an affordable price.

Fully integrated for maximum efficiency, simplicity, and reliability, Sage Pro 100 offers the robust features small businesses need now, with the ability to upgrade easily to full source code if their requirements change.

Customer Profiles

Sage Pro 200 is designed for a midsized business demanding a scalable, feature-rich system with powerful analysis and reporting capabilities. These clients typically need strong customization options (including full source code availability) and unlimited user support to maintain maximum control over their growth paths.

Sage Pro 100 is ideal for smaller companies that demand a stable, full-featured accounting system to track and accelerate growth. Supporting as many as ten concurrent users, this edition allows a simple migration path when these customers are ready to step up to a more sophisticated financial and operations management solution.


Sage Pro 100 modules include your choice of System Manager, General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Inventory Control, Order Entry, Purchase Orders, Payroll, EFT Direct Payroll, Multicurrency, Job Cost, Project Accounting, Customization Manager, Production Entry, Work Orders, Shop Control, Message Master, ProAlert, Customer Connect, Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA), EFT for Accounts Payable, Bills of Lading, and Bills of Materials. Serial Control and Lot Control are optional modules.

All of the modules available for Sage Pro 100 can also be added to Sage Pro 200, with Serial Control and Lot Control included in Inventory Control, as well as Intercompany Transactions and Request for Quote. Additional functionality in Sage Pro 200 includes Dashboard in System Manager, National Accounts in Accounts Receivable, and Document Routing in Order Entry and Purchase Orders.

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