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e-Commerce: SAP Business One

SAP Business One e-Commerce


With Comgine e-Commerce and SAP Business One ERP, you can be a hero to your staff. With Comgine for SAP Business One, you’ll be a hero because of all of the time this integrated business software saves the company. In addition to saving your small or mid-sized business time, you’ll also have streamlined software applications which help you sell more product. By making your entire business streamlined for greater efficiency, you and your staff will be happier, more productive and will be able to have more fun. With Comgine e-Commerce for SAP Business One ERP, you and your staff will no longer struggle with:

  • non-integrated software programs
  • out-of-date technology
  • inaccurate reports
  • numerous spreadsheets
  • re-keying the same data into multiple software systems
  • not instantly who your best customers are and which items they buy
  • not knowing where your inventory is, in real-time
  • not knowing which vendor you purchased specific items from
  • not being able to track your online marketing efforts, and more! 

Successful company leaders effectively grow their businesses by utilizing one software solution for their entire organization. With one unified software system, all important data is in one place. The completely integrated solution many CEOs, CFOs and CIOs of small and mid-sized companies are implementing is a platform which makes business processes easier. The all-in-one integrated software solution is a comprehensive business platform which consists of: 

  • SAP Business One ERP (integrated accounting, CRM and inventory management) 
  • Comgine E-Commerce for SAP Business One ERP
  • Website-Blog With Built-in Platform for Search Engine Optimization and Social Media 

This software system provides small to mid-size businesses with integrated accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), inventory management, e-commerce, website-blog (weblog), built-in search engine optimization infrastructure and social media platform. This software system is powerful, but is simple to use and easy to operate. Further, it is affordably priced for small and mid-sized companies.

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