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e-Commerce: Manufacturers

e-Commerce for Manufacturing


Comgine e-Commerce for Manufacturers

Comgine e-Commerce was specifically designed for manufacturers who may be part of a supply chain or are selling to a number of different companies. For manufacturers who value maintaining loyal customers, generating new leads, and expanding the number of sales prospects exponentially, Comgine is your software solution. By having an e-commerce website filled with the inventory you want to sell, you’ll have direct access to targeted Internet savvy customers. Also, without middlemen involved in each transaction, you can achieve a much higher profit margin per item sale. If you have distributors now who aggressively use the Internet to shop and compare multiple channels to find the most competitive pricing for products, Comgine e-business capabilities can help to extend your reach globally and offer your product to different markets.

Comgine e-Commerce for Manufacturers Has Built-in Search Engine Optimization Infrastructure, Platform for Social Media Networking and Weblog

Comgine e-Commerce makes it easy for manufacturers to drive traffic to their web stores and simple for customers to purchase your products. Your existing customers and new leads can use a professionally designed, interactive, User-friendly and powerful web store that makes their online shopping experience enjoyable. In addition, our web stores allow you to capitalize on search engine optimization and social media networking, because we’ve built the infrastructure right into the software system. Unlike numerous e-commerce systems on the market today, our software is easy to learn and simple to manage.

Comgine e-Commerce Makes it Easy for Manufacturers to Sell More Products and Have More Fun
Comgine offers manufacturers e-commerce tools that can make business processes simple, generating sales easier and business life more fun. Comgine can not only help you sell and market your products online, it can also be used for expanding brand awareness through targeted customer promotions and social media networking campaigns.

Comgine e-Commerce Automates Web Order Processing

Processing orders (sales transactions) efficiently is critical to the success of your manufacturing business. By design, Comgine e-Commerce integrates seamlessly with Sage Pro ERP and SAP Business One ERP software systems. Through the use of a unified business management platform which consists of e-commerce, accounting, customer relationship management and inventory tracking, orders placed within your e-business website are completely automated and instantly processed through the entire system. By using an automated online system instead of human beings with a telephone processing orders, not only can you reduce overhead, the streamlined system will decrease overall transaction costs. In addition, all relevant data relating to marketing and sales campaigns for lead generation, customer service information, and product fulfillment are all tracked within this streamlined and integrated system.

Manufacturers Using Comgine e-commerce:

  • Have all of their enterprise data in one place 
  • Instantly access to up-to-the-minute enterprise-wide data
  • Make better decisions due to real-time / up-to-the-second customer, vendor and inventory information and tracking
  • No longer have staff performing redundant tasks like duplication of data entry into non-integrated software programs
  • Are free from using multiple programs (not designed to communicate) to run their entire business
  • Don’t have to waste time struggling with inaccurate reports and using multiple spreadsheets to operate their enterprise
  • Use innovative technology
  • Instantly know who their best customers are and which items they buy

For business to business e-commerce, you can use the power of the Internet to have more production outsourced, reduce costs and be a “player” in the global marketplace. By making the search and evaluation process easier and faster you can decrease your costs of finding buyers and sellers. In addition to reaching more potential customers via the Internet, manufacturers using Comgine e-Commerce can generate sales that otherwise could not have occurred.

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