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SAP Business One Software Technical Information


SAP Business One ERP Accounting Software Modules 

SAP Business One, out-of-the-box, provides small and mid-sized businesses with accounting, CRM (customer relationship management), and inventory management as one unified business management software system. The SAP Business One application integrates all core business functions across your entire company – including financials, sales, customer relationship management, inventory, and operations. Unlike many other small business solutions on the market today, SAP Business One is a single application, eliminating the need for separate installations and complex integration of multiple modules. Here is more information regarding the completely integrated software modules and advanced business management capabilities of SAP Business One: 

  • Financial Management Made Easy With SAP Business One
  • Complete and customizable chart-of-accounts templates
  • Ledger and journal entries
  • Accounts receivable
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounting postings in real time
  • Automatic tax calculations
  • Multicurrency transactions
  • Posting templates
  • Recurring postings
  • Controlling (for cost accounting)
  • Banking and reconciliation
  • Manage cash flow, track budgets, and compare actual and planned figures
  • Create profit or cost centers and then allocate revenue and expenses according to distribution rules
  • Bank transfers, checks, cash, credit cards, and bank reconciliations
  • Import electronic bank statements and automatically reconcile them
  • Complete integration with every part of your business including sales, purchasing and inventory
  • Powerful reports, analytics, and tools to help you satisfy the financial analysis and reporting requirements of your business


Managing Sales and Customers with SAP Business One CRM (Customer Relationship Management) 

  • Opportunities and pipeline management
  • Customer and prospect contact and activity management
  • Sales quotations and orders
  • Sales and pipeline forecast
  • Web-based customer relationship management
  • Service contract management
  • Service-call management entry and tracking


Managing Purchasing and Operations with SAP Business One 

  • Purchase proposals
  • Purchase orders and deliveries
  • Goods receipts and returns
  • Accounts payable invoice and credit notes
  • Bill of materials
  • Production orders
  • Forecasting and material requirements planning


Managing Inventory and Distribution with SAP Business One
  • Items management and item queries
  • Receipt to stock, release from stock, and stock transactions
  • Warehouse transfer and serial numbers
  • Inventory revaluation
  • Customer and vendor catalog
  • Price lists and special pricing
  • Batch management
  • Pick and pack


Managing Reporting and Administration with SAP Business One 

  • Microsoft Office Excel-based reporting
  • Crystal Reports is built into the system
  • Data migration workbench, user defined fields, application program interface
  • SAP Business One Software Development Kit
  • Payroll accounting
  • Employee directory and administration, and employee time


Additional Add-on Software Options for SAP Business One 

  • Barcode, Scanning, RFID
  • Distribution
  • EDI
  • Equipment Rental and Service
  • Fixed Assets
  • iPhone
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical Practice
  • Payroll
  • Process Manufacturing
  • Sales Tax Automation
  • Warehouse Management
  • And many more!

SAP Business One ERP Pricing 

Unlike many other software products available on the market for small and midsized businesses, SAP does not sell their software by the module. Instead, the pricing is based upon the number of Named Users for SAP Business One’s entire system which includes accounting, CRM and inventory management software. Please see below for descriptions of the types of Users for SAP Business One.  

Description of SAP Business One Professional User: 

All SAP Business One Users are Named Users (an employee of a customer, its subsidiaries or an employee of business third parties authorized to access, directly or indirectly, the licensed SAP Business One Software. 

Concurrent usage is not permitted. The rights of a Named User may be restricted by the type of user license granted. All users contribute to the SAP Application Value) who performs operational related roles supported by the SAP Business One Software. The Professional User provides functionality for Financials, Sales, Opportunity Management, Order Entry, A/R, A/P, Warranty CRM, Customer/Vender Management, Banking, 

Inventory, RMA, Production Entry, Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Service Management, HR Management, and Crystal Reports Reporting Engine. 

Description of SAP Business One Limited CRM User: 

The Limited CRM (Contact Relationship Manger) User provides functionality for Sales Opportunities and Contact Management 

Description of SAP Business One Limited Logistics User: 

The Limited Logistics User provides functionality for Warehouse Management/PO and Inventory 

Description of SAP Business One Limited Financial User: 

The Limited Financial User provides functionality for Accounting and General Ledger functions 

Price to Purchase SAP Business One by User Types: 

1 Professional User $2975.00 one time fee 

1 Limited CRM User $1500.00 one time fee 

1 Limited Financial User $1200.00 one time fee 

1 Limited Logistics User $1200.00 one time fee 

SAP Business One Software Maintenance: 

SAP also charges an 18% Annual Software Maintenance fee for a system which provides users with pertinent product upgrades, builds, service packs and patches. The cost for software assurance is 18 percent of the full product’s suggested retail price. This fee is required the first year. It is optional after the first year but does include all updates to the SAP Business one software annually, so it is highly recommended that this is kept current. 

Please Note: 

This is a fee strictly to SAP for Software Updates. This does not cover costs for technical services our premier SAP Business Partner, Cornerstone Consulting, provides to clients. Nor does it include the installation and configuration of the service packs, patches and updates provided by SAP. 

SAP Business One System Requirements: 


SAP Business One ERP Implementation

SAP Business One can be installed in-house, on your server(s) by SAP Business Partner and Certified Consultants, Cornerstone Consulting. Cornerstone has worked with the SAP Business One product since 2005. Their highly-skilled staff is comprised of programmers, implementation specialists and CPAs who are the SAP Business One trainers. 

If you would like to host your SAP Business One accounting software, and have a maximum of five concurrent SAP Business One Users, Cornerstone Consulting provides secure and reliable hosting services at competitive rates. 

SAP Business One ERP Set-up, Installation, Modifications, Configurations and Training  

Premier Comgine eCommerce Resellers, Cornerstone Consulting, are experts at installing, modifying, and configuring SAP Business One software. The technical staff of Cornerstone have been installing, modifying, and configuring SAP Business One for many years. 

Cornerstone’s staff is comprised of “tech gurus” who are Certified SAP Business One Software Consultants, Certified SAP Business One Software Trainers, Certified SAP Business One Software Implementation Specialists, Certified Visual FoxPro, Cold Fusion, SQL, .NET (and more) programmers, and Certified Solution Providers for the entire Microsoft Product Line. Further, Cornerstone offers SAP Business One training services. You and your staff will be trained how to use your SAP Business One accounting software by Cornerstone’s on-staff Certified Public Accountants.

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