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Software Training

SAP Business One and Sage Software (formerly Accpac/SBT) Training

As a certified SAP Business One and Sage Software (formerly Accpac/SBT) solutions provider, Cornerstone Consulting provides superior training. Cornerstone’s staff of SAP Business One and Sage Software (formerly Accpac/SBT) Professionals:

  • Have a wide range of accounting and computer skills
  • Create custom training courses and materials
  • Offer onsite and/or online individual training and group instruction

SAP Business One and Sage Pro ERP Software Focused Training Approach

  • Teach your employees their daily tasks as well as system tips and tricks to boost efficiency
  • Review ALL of the processes your employees will perform

SAP Business One and Sage Pro ERP Software Follow-up Training

  • Occurs simultaneously as each phase of your company’s SAP Business One or Sage Software ® (formerly Accpac/SBT) installation progresses
  • Cornerstone’s  SAP Business One and Sage Software ® training professionals are available by phone and email to answer any questions you may have

SAP Business One and Sage Pro ERP Training Costs

  • May vary due to the location of the training, staff famililarity with computers, employee competence with the accounting systems and modules the organization would like installed

SAP Business One and Sage Pro ERP Software (formerly Accpac / SBT) Product Training Format

The training program is designed to help a System Administrator, Hardware System Administrator, and User utilize the various SAP Business One or Sage Software ® (formerly Accpac / SBT) modules efficiently.  This is an example of the accounting software training program that Cornerstone Consulting developed.  It is divided into three basic components:

1.  Assignments

a.  Reading materials for computer skills enhancements
b.  Practice via module tutorial and/or sample company data

2.   Group Training Session

a.  Review of material
b.  Software overview
c.  Data import and export

3.  One-on-One Training

a.  Individualized training
b.  Customized for your transactions and source documents processing
c.  Data import and export

For your convenience, Cornerstone can provide several means for accomplishing your training goals: onsite one-on-one,
on-site group sessions, and online WebDemo training. The amount and type of training recommended will
depend on your company’s specific needs, the number of users, and budget.

Cornerstone Consulting’s Quarterly Training Reviews

The initial training included in an implementation of SAP Business One or Sage Pro ERP (formerly SBT / Accpac Pro Series™/ Sage Pro Series) provides a foundation for using the functions of the system. Once a new system module has been implemented, Cornerstone Consulting
recommends that all clients reassess their training needs on a quarterly basis. This ensures that the features of the new system are being utilized effectively.

Sage Software, the Sage Software logos, and the Sage Software product and service names mentioned herein are registered trademarks of Sage Software, Inc., or its affiliated entities. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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