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SAP Business One e-Commerce


Comgine e-Commerce with SAP Business One’s Integrated Accounting, Customer Relationship Management, Material Requirements Planning and Inventory Management Software System


Industry experts have made statements regarding the effectiveness of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations within small and mid-sized companies. According to recent studies, the average overall increase in productivity is 12% when a business implements an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software system (which can include financial accounting unified with e-Commerce, customer relationship management, material requirements planning and inventory management). If those figures are close to being accurate, why do many small and mid-sized companies still waste time and resources using different non-integrated software programs to run their enterprises?

Unlike the companies who choose to struggle with many different software systems that are not designed to pass data back and forth, businesses using SAP Business One integrated with Comgine e-Commerce increase efficiency, conserve resources and have more free time to grow their enterprises. With Comgine e-Commerce and SAP Business One,  every area – all departments of a company are connected within one software program. By utilizing a unified software system such as Comgine e-Commerce integrated with SAP Business One, as opposed to using many different applications to manage accounting, customers, leads, online product sales transactions, material requirements and inventory, small and mid-sized businesses no longer waste time dealing with all of the problems that come with using disparate applications.

With all of your relevant data in one integrated – unified – streamlined software system, your small or mid-sized company can reap many benefits. For instance, your staff will no longer have to fight “the battle of the spreadsheets.” By having all of your data in one system, you and your staff can enjoy having instant access to accurate enterprise-wide up-to-the-minute real-time data. Further, when employees add/edit/update records within only one software program, you can dramatically reduce or completely eliminate data entry errors. Additionally, by utilizing a software system that can automate numerous processes, your enterprise can reduce transaction costs by 95%. Therefore, companies using Comgine e-Commerce for SAP Business One can reduce expenses, experience dramatic increases in efficiency and have more free time to devote to building stronger businesses.

SAP specifically designed an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) / business management software system to meet the needs of small and mid-sized businesses. The completely unified accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), material requirements planning (MRP) and inventory management software system is called SAP Business One. Below you will find some key SAP Business One ERP software system benefits:

SAP Business One

• Created by SAP, the largest Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) / Business Management Software Company in the World 
   SAP software touches 60 percent of the world’s transactions. SAP takes this responsibility very seriously
• Completely Unified Financial Accounting, Inventory Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
• Specifically Designed for Small and Midsized Businesses
• Based Upon Industry Best Practices and Constructed for Compliancy
• All of Your Relevant Business Information is in One Integrated Software System
• Easy to Learn, Simple to Use, Consistent Look and Feel
• Embedded Analytics (Crystal Reports and Excel Reporter built in for unparalleled analytical capabilities)
• Mobility (iPhone, iPad integration capability)
• Instant Access to Real time Business Information (mission critical data)
• Fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook
• Social Media (integration into desktop capability)
• Multi-company and Multi-currency
• Proactively Manage All Areas of Business (manage by exception with Drag and Relate and Alerts System)
• Easily Extend the Functionality of SAP Business One (numerous Add-on software: Advanced Warehouse, Advanced Manufacturing, Inventory Optimization, and much more available)
• Simple to Customize (built in SDK)
• Flex Choice Available (monthly payment for hosted implementation)
• Fast Implementation/Start (rapid ROI)

SAP Business One ERP Integrated with Comgine e-Commerce

Comgine e-Commerce for SAP Business One Software
• Streamlines and Automates the Processing of Orders
• Social Media Platform
• Search Engine Optimization Infrastructure
• Weblog (website and a blog)
• Numerous Instant Plug-in Applications Available
• Seamless Integration with SAP Business One Software
• Entire Integrated Software Platform can be Hosted

The completely unified software system, Comgine e-Commerce for SAP Business One helps enterprises simplify business life, sell more products & have more fun.

Please call us (888) 665-1411 to schedule an online demonstration of Comgine e-Commerce for SAP Business One. You may want to ask some members of your team, such as the CEO, CFO, CIO, V.P. of Sales, V.P of Marketing, and Operations Manager to join the online demonstration too, because this is a software system that you have to see to believe!

SAP Business One


SAP ERP System for Small and Midsized Businesses: SAP Business One


SAP Business One is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software system, specifically designed for small and midsized businesses, which connects all areas of your company.  By design, the system offers completely unified accounting, customer relationship management (CRM) and inventory management software as a single integrated platform of streamlined applications.  In addition to its sleek business management integrated software design, the core infrastructure of SAP Business One is intended to help your employees serve your clients better and faster than ever before.  With built-in tools such as:  Crystal Reports for real-time analytics;  Alerts System which enables all your employees and management team to monitor business processes in real-time and detect problems before they affect your company’s performance; Query Wizard and Drag and Relate features which enable your staff to perform instant and intuitive reporting and analysis; Easy Customization to add and use new types of data whenever your business needs it; embedded intelligence, Material Requirements Planning (MRP) so you can easily analyze inventory supply and demand, and receive automated make or buy recommendations; the capability for Mobile integration, and the ability for Web integration within the SAP Business One platform, your employees will have the resources to effectively provide world-class customer service.  

In this day and age, business leaders cannot afford to waste valuable time dealing with inefficient software and technology. At Comgine e-Commerce, we understand the value business leaders place on having free time. With more freedom you can focus on your core business, develop new products, talk with your customers, spend time with your family, and participate in activities that you enjoy. To help our small and midsized clients simplify their business life, sell more products and have more time for fun, we created an innovative platform of unified software programs.    

SAP Business One Integration with Comgine e-Commerce
The platform of integrated software simplifies invoicing, automates order processing, enhances online product sales, efficiently tracks Online/Internet marketing campaigns and much more. In addition to SAP Business One’s integrated platform of financial accounting, customer relationship management (CRM) and inventory management software, with Comgine e-Commerce, your unified enterprise-wide ERP software can also include:   

•e-Commerce Software (Streamlines and Automates the Processing of Web Orders / Online Transactions)
•Weblog (Website and Blog)
•SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Infrastructure
•Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) Networking Platform and numerous optional instant plug-ins applications.

This unified business management software system is so advanced that you could run your company from an iPhone.

SAP Business One Integration with Comgine e-Commerce is Auto”MAGIC”

Companies currently using a unified e-commerce, accounting, customer relationship management (CRM) and inventory management system, such as SAP Business One integrated with Comgine e-Commerce, reduce transaction costs, streamline the online ordering processes and generate additional profits from their web store sales. The reason is that pertinent information is processed all the way through the accounting, customer relationship management and inventory management software, without any duplication of data entry. An integrated system is efficient because: the order comes in from the website; the system fulfills the order from stock and orders replacement inventory from vendor; a payable is created; the picking/packing ticket is created; the product is shipped; the web payment is applied to order/ invoice; and, paid invoice and tracking information is automatically emailed to the customer. Accordingly, a unified and streamlined e-commerce system saves time and permits easy maintenance of accurate, up-to-the-minute product, customer and vendor/supplier data. 

See the Demo of SAP Business One Integration with Comgine e-Commerce

Register today to see a live, interactive demonstration of Comgine’s integrated e-commerce, accounting, inventory management, weblog, search engine optimization and social media software system via web demo. Call 1-(888) 665-1411 and we will gladly arrange the demo of SAP Business One and Comgine e-Commerce.