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SAP CRM for Small to Mid-sized Businesses


SAP Business One Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 

Many businesses have implemented customer relationship management (CRM) software systems to facilitate customer interactions, but have failed to devise strategies and operational plans to manage virtually all forms of communications. Further, many CRM systems were not designed for integration with accounting, e-commerce and inventory management software. Due to the lack of CRM integration with front and back office operations such as: sales, marketing, advertising, accounting (accounts payable and accounts receivable), finance, inventory management (manufacturing, shipping, materials requirements planning) and e-commerce processes, leaders often lack the ability to make totally informed business decisions. Without access to accurate enterprise-wide data, leaders struggle to recognize customer segments, improve customer retention, create additional product offerings, and identify the organization’s most profitable customers. Devoid of instant access to accurate enterprise-wide data, leaders cannot quickly analyze the effectiveness of targeted-marketing CRM campaigns or devise comprehensive business strategies.

The easiest way to win new business is to maintain strong relationships with your existing customers. This provides revenue that is less expensive to acquire than net-new customers, leading to shorter sales cycles and higher margins. The information you have about your customers, therefore, is growth waiting to be implemented; you just need to access, interpret, and manage this data. With the CRM capabilities in SAP Business One, you get the tools you need to deepen existing relationships and increase sales.

SAP Business One CRM Accelerates Rapid Company Growth

A CRM system can mean the difference between rapid growth and missed opportunities. It puts all your customer data in one place—from the initial pursuit through ongoing service and customer care—delivering a single view of the relationships that are the lifeblood of your business. Effective utilization of CRM translates to customer insights your company can use to identify business opportunities, develop sales strategies, and increase penetration.

SAP Business One CRM is Specifically Designed for Small to Mid-sized Businesses

Small to mid-sized businesses, however, require access to a CRM solution that they can easily manage without the resources available to larger companies. SAP Business One is designed for this space, making available the robust features that big companies enjoy without the attendant cost and complexity.

SAP Business One CRM Helps Businesses Identify Trends

Using SAP Business One, your company’s experience with every customer becomes fully accessible for analysis. The data can then be used to identify trends, determine where the next opportunities lie, and develop pursuit plans to turn potential sales opportunities into tangible financial results. At a lower sales cost, your organization will be able to generate more revenue, leading to better margins and higher profits.

SAP Business One CRM is Connected with Financial Accounting, Inventory Management and Material Requirements Planning

SAP differentiates their product by offering CRM to small and mid-sized enterprises as part of a completely integrated accounting, inventory, and material requirements planning (MRP) business management software system. Companies utilizing CRM in that fashion have one unified system of data from which to create highly effective targeted sales and marketing strategies. The success of their sales and marketing campaigns can be directly attributable to the use of integrated business management software that allows for pertinent information to be processed through the accounting, customer relationship management, e-commerce and inventory management software, without any duplication of data entry.

In addition to streamlining and automating time-consuming business processes, an integrated system of data permits instant tracking of all valuable information concerning customers across the entire organization. Accordingly, a unified and streamlined business software system saves time and permits easy maintenance of accurate, up-to-the-minute product, customer and vendor/supplier data. Thus, an integrated system creates time in which enterprise leaders can focus on post-recovery growth and more effectively use CRM to track online communities of customers via emerging social media, analyze customer behavioral changes, review their segmentation strategies, study customer processes and redesign organizational processes so as to become more customer-centric.

You have profitable revenue in your business that’s just waiting to be discovered. The missing piece is a powerful CRM solution designed for businesses like yours. Implement SAP Business One, and you’ll have an ROI case in place, with customer insights ready for your pursuit teams.

SAP Business One


SAP ERP System for Small and Midsized Businesses: SAP Business One


SAP Business One is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software system, specifically designed for small and midsized businesses, which connects all areas of your company.  By design, the system offers completely unified accounting, customer relationship management (CRM) and inventory management software as a single integrated platform of streamlined applications.  In addition to its sleek business management integrated software design, the core infrastructure of SAP Business One is intended to help your employees serve your clients better and faster than ever before.  With built-in tools such as:  Crystal Reports for real-time analytics;  Alerts System which enables all your employees and management team to monitor business processes in real-time and detect problems before they affect your company’s performance; Query Wizard and Drag and Relate features which enable your staff to perform instant and intuitive reporting and analysis; Easy Customization to add and use new types of data whenever your business needs it; embedded intelligence, Material Requirements Planning (MRP) so you can easily analyze inventory supply and demand, and receive automated make or buy recommendations; the capability for Mobile integration, and the ability for Web integration within the SAP Business One platform, your employees will have the resources to effectively provide world-class customer service.  

In this day and age, business leaders cannot afford to waste valuable time dealing with inefficient software and technology. At Comgine e-Commerce, we understand the value business leaders place on having free time. With more freedom you can focus on your core business, develop new products, talk with your customers, spend time with your family, and participate in activities that you enjoy. To help our small and midsized clients simplify their business life, sell more products and have more time for fun, we created an innovative platform of unified software programs.    

SAP Business One Integration with Comgine e-Commerce
The platform of integrated software simplifies invoicing, automates order processing, enhances online product sales, efficiently tracks Online/Internet marketing campaigns and much more. In addition to SAP Business One’s integrated platform of financial accounting, customer relationship management (CRM) and inventory management software, with Comgine e-Commerce, your unified enterprise-wide ERP software can also include:   

•e-Commerce Software (Streamlines and Automates the Processing of Web Orders / Online Transactions)
•Weblog (Website and Blog)
•SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Infrastructure
•Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) Networking Platform and numerous optional instant plug-ins applications.

This unified business management software system is so advanced that you could run your company from an iPhone.

SAP Business One Integration with Comgine e-Commerce is Auto”MAGIC”

Companies currently using a unified e-commerce, accounting, customer relationship management (CRM) and inventory management system, such as SAP Business One integrated with Comgine e-Commerce, reduce transaction costs, streamline the online ordering processes and generate additional profits from their web store sales. The reason is that pertinent information is processed all the way through the accounting, customer relationship management and inventory management software, without any duplication of data entry. An integrated system is efficient because: the order comes in from the website; the system fulfills the order from stock and orders replacement inventory from vendor; a payable is created; the picking/packing ticket is created; the product is shipped; the web payment is applied to order/ invoice; and, paid invoice and tracking information is automatically emailed to the customer. Accordingly, a unified and streamlined e-commerce system saves time and permits easy maintenance of accurate, up-to-the-minute product, customer and vendor/supplier data. 

See the Demo of SAP Business One Integration with Comgine e-Commerce

Register today to see a live, interactive demonstration of Comgine’s integrated e-commerce, accounting, inventory management, weblog, search engine optimization and social media software system via web demo. Call 1-(888) 665-1411 and we will gladly arrange the demo of SAP Business One and Comgine e-Commerce.

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