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          Simplify Your Life, Sell More Product, Have More Fun!

Comgine E-Commerce: Online Order Automation and Regional, National and Global Business Expansion


Accounting On-The-Go

Accounting software that's as lightweight as it is powerful. Break free from your desk and keep up with orders in real time, straight from your phone.

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Comgine Comprehensive eCommerce Solutions

With Comgine at the helm of your eCommerce website, you'll be reducing business transaction costs by more than 90% since Comgine will process all sales made via the internet, directly into the integrated accounting and inventory programs.

Grow sales and revenue without the need for additional staffing or facility expenses. Manufacturers and distributors will dramatically reduce inventory and warehousing costs by using a completely integrated eCommerce system. If you haven't considered implementing an integrated e-commerce system, now is a great time!

eCommerce has become an integral component for achieving business success in today's technology-based society. In the last two decades, electronic commerce has become synonymous with efficient: business communication strategies, online practices, facilitating electronic transactions and streamlining web store processes.

The technology not only improves existing business management processes, it enables companies to efficiently sell items online through a web store. eCommerce web stores are so prevalent in today's technological and Internet savvy society, that many companies cannot remain competitive without selling their products online.

Comgine's service provides our clients with the ability to have a virtual storefront that communicates all transaction data seamlessly through accounting, CRM and inventory/manufacturing software. For companies with a maximum of five named Users, that want to save money on the infrastructure costs, we also offer hosting of the integrated accounting, eCommerce, CRM and manufacturing solution. By offering this complete eCommerce system as a hosted solution, the need for our clients to maintain a sophisticated and costly infrastructure is eliminated.