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RSS Feeds Help Marketing Efforts

You may ask, “What is RSS?” RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication for the Web. The RSS systems utilize something called feeds. The feeds are pre-formatted documents specifically designed for Web syndication… The feeds provide the ability for those who create content for news, press releases, industry articles, blogs, audio and video files, to syndicate the subject matter to the Web quickly and easliy.  Based upon the subject matter within each RSS submission, those using RSS readers will be alerted when content pertaining to their areas of interest are submitted to the Web.

These easy to read, non-technical articles describes the ways in which RSS feeds can increase (a) exposure for your products or services and (b) traffic to your website. The articles and the entries in the margins contain links to more detailed information. Blogs and RSS feeds are rapidly becoming major factors in the marketing of a company’s image as well as its products and/or services. For decades, and perhaps now more than ever, the marketing world has understood the inherent wisdom in this old line: “Free advertising is the best advertising.” If you want to get your name, your service, your product(s) out there and to get folks in your target market talking – virtually for free – try using RSS feeds. And, with luck, your customers/clients may start talking about you and your products or services face-to face or on Blogs. Voila, free advertising! RSS Feeds

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