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SAP Crystal Reports for SAP Business One


End the “battle of the spreadsheets.”  Discover SAP Crystal Reports

It’s a familiar story: a dozen people in the room and at least that many versions of the truth. How do you know which spreadsheet to trust? How do you know when the calculations were made – or the source for your numbers?

What can you do when the marketing department views customers one way — while the finance department views them another? How do you avoid the accumulation of disparate, unsecured data that results from different perspectives?

With SAP® Crystal® Reports you are working with a holistic system. Instead of your data living in a spreadsheet on a given manager’s desktop, data is integrated into the system and backed up — creating more data security. You and your employees have a single source of real-time, consolidated and cleansed information you can trust.

SAP Crystal Reports Can Help You Improve Productivity – Leverage Talent

As human capital is your best resource, then it’s a good reminder to use your talent wisely. If your key management personnel are gathering, massaging, and integrating data instead of analyzing it, then you’re wasting valuable resources.

With SAP Crystal Reports, employees have easy-to-use access to real-time data on a single server — making financial reporting clear and clean. Cost information is captured in one place so everyone can remain focused, saving significant time and resources.

You can tap into any information on virtually any development platform, operating system or web browser. Eliminate the burden of technical irregularities across platforms — for seamless, efficient communication.

SAP Crystal Reports Can Help You Avoid Confusion – Clarity is an Asset

Getting on the same page is hard when there’s too many. Spreadsheets are precarious information systems without data integrity or consistency. They quickly lose their connection to the rest of the enterprise – and data no longer reflects updates to the corporate system where it may have originated. People get confused.

Your goal is to create a managed business environment. SAP Crystal Reports consolidates essential information from virtually any data source – and delivers relevant information via interactive reports with embedded charts.
This centralization will discourage the proliferation of reports — which undermine data consistency and heighten risk.

SAP Crystal Reports’ robust data delivery environment weans users and groups off orphan spreadsheets and encourages a single version of truth.

SAP Crystal Reports Offers Better Predictive Capabilities

How can you effectively plan using assumptions based on incorrect analyses? Compromised and inconsistent data will most certainly give you the wrong answer -while accurate information instills confidence and encourages strategic, business-oriented decision making.

For data to be valuable it has to be stored centrally and managed in a uniform, consistent fashion. SAP Crystal Reports collects, cleanses, and analyses data so that financial reports are created in context. With the whole picture, you make better decisions.
Increase the Value of Your Applications With SAP Crystal Reports

An effective financial report is the baseline for successful projections and planning. You need practical tools backed by a robust, well designed system.

With integrated reporting, analysis, visualization, and dashboarding capabilities in a single, integrated architecture, you can choose the interface that best meets your needs. Our software allows you to embed professional reporting into Java or .NET applications, virtually any data source, operating system or web to deliver more information to your users or commercial customers.

By providing everyone with a single version of the truth, SAP Crystal Reports allows you to answer more business questions, create fewer documents, and reduce costs – and best of all, eliminate the “battle of the spreadsheets” once and for all.

SAP Business One Simplifies Reporting


Goodbye, scattered reporting information. Hello, SAP Business One!

To know how your business is performing, you need access to all of your information: sales, inventory, operations, and finance. But it’s hard to see the big picture if your information is locked in separate spreadsheets or applications.

Monitoring your financial position in real-time is essential for effective near-term and long-term decision making. Why then are some companies still using static spreadsheet applications that are limited to looking backward?

Read this enlightening IDC article and learn how your business can access the right resources to shift the perspective forward, with a continuous flow of up-to-date financial information.

Find out how much easier it is to pull a report when all of your processes and information are integrated through SAP Business One: Read the article.